viernes, 22 de enero de 2016


1. Title: English and American sports
2. Introduction:Sports in the United Kingdom and in the United States are an important part of the national culture. However, the sporting culture of the UK and the USA is different from that of many other countries. Compared to any other nation, English and Americans prefer a unique set of sports like cricket, baseball, ice hockey, lacrosse or American football. You are a group of sportspeople and you want to create a sports club to practice an English or American sport in your town.

3. The task: Your sports club needs some members to make a team. You have to design a poster with a logo to advertise the creation of your sports club. You have to give some basic facts to call the attention of people and persuade them to join your team.

4. Process:
● Roles:
- You have to work in groups of 5 entrepreneurs.
- Each of you has to look for some specific information about the sport.
● Steps:
- In the sports club:1. Choose the sport.
2. Decide the information that you are going to include in your poster and the person in charge of looking for it.
- In the computer room:
4. Search different websites to obtain some information that you can include in your advertisement. You need to include at least this information:
A brief definition.
A little history of the sport.
The equipment required.
The name of a professional club and the titles it has won.
- Back in the sports club:
6. Use the information gathered to prepare a poster. Don’t forget to include an original logo for your club!!!
7. Present the poster to the people interested in joining your team.


5. Resources: (insert the name of the sport)


American Football:


Ice Hockey: